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[15 Nov 2009|02:09am]
To be honest, I'd almost forgotten about this blog...til I got a comment in my inbox about it.
I've been through a lot of shit since I last posted on here. I split up with D in 2006 (I think) and since then everything from good old fashioned money troubles to unplanned pregnancies and miscarriages have happened. I guess you could say I'vIe grown up, but that would still be reductive.
The good news is that since then I've been with a lovely guy, J. It's always difficult to work your fetish into a new relationship and honestly, it took me a while with this one. I can't help it - for some reason I just feel it's terribly weird. Well, whatever, at some point we got over that and started scaring the neighbours (his collection of belts is truly something to be beheld).
I'm constantly surprised by the amount of people who share this spanking thing. I guess they must call it the english vice for a reason but still, I can't help thinking its 1)anti-feminist 2)slutty and 3)just plain odd.
Of course none of this is true. Sexuality is an individual thing and just because you like to see the bruises on your arse in the morning doesn't mean you think men should earn more than women. But still masochism in women seems a funny taboo. In our society you're supposed to repress or fight against that - but when it's consensual and a turn-on, what's the harm? I guess I just find it hard being technically 'a feminist' and at the same time being a masochist- and at that, one who finds women spanking women a total turn off.
I've discovered through J that I really like being spanked not just in the established places but on my calves and my pussy. It's so much more unexpected and therefore a total thrill. I still want to go over his knee and he's happy to oblige, but there's something about his willingness to go that bit further that makes me go crazy. The worst thing really is that my house, and his house, are terraces and therefore we hear everything that goes on next door and they probably hear us.
And god, do I like to scream. For me a sign I'm enjoying it is screams and tears, and reproachment when it stops. I guess J has never been with someone as perverted (?) as me before but thankfully, after a few times, he's learnt to just let rip. What I love most of all is the way he talks to me, tells me I've been naughty and I deserve it, tells me he's going to whip my pussy next etc.
It's odd because so many things have changed but my fetish and my core fantasies stay exactly the same. At the moment I'm alone and I'm not even really feeling very sexy or spanky, but if I take a step away I can see how much of a part of me it is, and how important it is. I'm pretty much convinced now that J is the one for me, because we can do anything and still laugh together, and we both understand each others' limits (a point in which D was lacking) and are on the same page intellectually (I don't mean that pretentiously- I mean we can talk abouJedward together as easily as talking about Nietzsche).
It also doesn't do any harm that he's totally into the schoolgirl thing and wants to cane me until I'm black and blue.
....And so that's what I've been up to nowadays....thanks for reading :)
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[19 May 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Another long time without any updates- I'm sorry!

The truth is that I'm quite busy at the moment with exams coming up, serious money troubles, having to move in and out and shake it all about in a couple of weeks' time and having to find a good job. I spent last Thursday-Tuesday at Dave's and am going back tomorrow, and then there will probably be a lot of updates as I'll be stuck here until exam time!

We've had the time for some spanking but not properly played in a long time- it's been a sort of add-on for a while seeing as we're not in a particularly private place. Hopefully we'll be able to make the most of having some privacy though, as soon we'll be staying with family and there won't be much time at all for more than a playful swat. Of course I'll write about it if it happens! :)

In other news, I watched Secretary again the other day. I went completely off it when I first got the DVD and watched an interview with the director. He came across really badly- 'it's about a young girl's journey from darkness into light' and seemed as if he didn't know what he was doing at all. That made some of the flaws of the film stick out more for me. After leaving it some time I've realised that I actually do LIKE the film. I enjoyed watching it, I think it's very funny in places, I think James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal are both excellent in their roles. I also always cry at the end because it's such a happy ending and she gets the bloke and the relationship she wants (and because I'm a wuss). However, I'm not big on the way in which D/s relationships are presented, the plot seems a little thin in places and most importantly is this guy the worst lawyer in the world? He can dress her up as a donkey and stick her in a funny pole/collar/cuffs thingymibob without the slightest worry that someone might come through the door? OK, I'm picking a bit too much there, but there are some holes in it.

Overall though, I think that if you can ignore the awkward or troublesome parts, the story is nice, it's well told and it looks great. So although I kind of wanted to hate it for its director's short-sightedness and for its assumptions about D/s couples, I couldn't help but like the story. Any opinions?

Still on the same subject, I remembered the scene I liked most; where Maggie Gyllenhaal tries to get her boyfriend to spank her. It made me laugh and wince inside because I remember doing pretty much the exact same thing!

Time for bed now, take care all.

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[09 May 2005|01:26am]
[ mood | awake ]

The lack of posting was the lack of relevant spanking things to say- after spending the weekend at my Dad's and being pretty much snowed-under with work, as well as having serious money troubles, I was wary of boring any readers I *do* have with whingeing. I do still have work to do, but Word, internet explorer and my general computer seems to have gone plop. I'm currently working with Firefox instead of IE, but I haven't a clue what's gone wrong.

The weekend wasn't a complete success as D has been having problems with a close friend of his he is living with next year- his friend is a little unstable to say the least, and it's causing problems that can't really be ignored. Still, seeing as it was our anniversary on Thursday we made the most of it.

Thursday was election day over here too, so to celebrate we got a Chinese takeaway in and sat and listened to the radio. We weren't hardcore enough to listen all night but it seemed clear from the beginning Labour would win. I voted Liberal Democrat in the end, simply because they oppose student top-up fees. In almost everything else I support Tony Blair and I think he's a good leader- the war is just far too grey an area to go into, especially here. It was all rather exciting, as this is the first proper election I've voted properly in and I felt I had made a difference.

On Friday we hung around with our couple friends and watched The Day Today, as well as recording a few songs and generally just slobbing around. I was spanked a little, but nothing particularly noteworthy- a few harder than usual hand spanks and straight onto the sex. Saturday was really our play day. I introduced D to the video recording abilities of my digital camera and let him take a video of me giving him a blowjob- the result seemed to me a bit like sleazy foreign porn- very dark, grainy and me looking very hairy and dark-skinned (and that was just my face). I thought it was hilarious, but apparently it turned him on and I give better head on camera. There you go- born porn star.

Afterwards, I recorded some of the flute parts for his album (I did have a wash beforehand, to make sure it didn't all go a bit American Pie), and after a cup of tea he grabbed me and turned me over the bed. Luckily this position is back in vogue now my knee is healing. He spanked me hard for what seemed like a long time, using his hand harder than he ever has before when we're playing. He left really long gaps between the spanks, which I liked in a way as it made me feel more vulnerable and on edge. That made it seem more real without *being* real, if it makes sense- I like to imagine a scenario around play spankings and a bit of realism works wonders. After quite a few of these handspanks I was failing to be quiet and still, and he brought out the belt. Although I like the feel of the belt, that swishing noise as he pulls it out has a strange effect on me. It's like when your toes curl, but in my pussy. It isn't pleasurable, but then not unpleasant either. I didn't really have time to elaborate on this theory before he started to beat me with it; again, slow and hard. I moved a little and made a few little noises, but it was lovely- the leather against my bottom was really turning me on. It usually does. And the gap between the slaps gave me some time to anticipate the next blow- another thing that really gets me going. Some of my fantasies are just the idea of waiting, outside a teacher's office, knowing I'm going to get the cane. That mix of fear, anticipation and arousal is amazing.

It was all going perfectly until he got the cane out and started being a bit mean with the anticipation- swooshing it about and not hitting so I never knew if he was going to hit me or not. The cane strokes felt hard on an already sore bottom, but I know I've had worse. I was squealing a fair bit and wiggling to get the sting out (in case you're wondering, this doesn't work) but the burning after the stroke was almost TOO much of a turn-on. The cane didn't get its full work-out, unfortunately, seeing as we did want to get the sex in at some point. Still, I made up for it by not doing as I was told a few times when I knew he'd eventually turn to the cane. I got a few for refusing to get dressed, and a couple more for blowing smoke in his face. I never really see myself as much of a brat, but I guess I am ;)

Anyway, this essay isn't going to write itself (although perhaps, if I leave it long enough....) so I had better pop off. Take care, and thankyou for reading.

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[28 Apr 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I am getting very very sleepy. But I will not let my eyelids win.

Ben Jonson, essays, and the lecturer I'd most like to spank me, everCollapse )

Yes, anyway enough wittering and I promise I'll talk about spanking now.

OK, these questions are from Patty's blog, for part of the blog-a-thon thing she and a lot of my other favourite spanking bloggers took part in. I didn't really feel comfortable asking to be interviewed as I haven't had this blog very long and am only recently beginning to de-lurk on most of the spanking blogs I read. Also, because LiveJournal can be a bit more awkward than Blogger I've posted this in her comments too. So I hope you don't mind me posting these answers on a blog rather than asking to be interviewed, Patty.

1. How old were you when you first realized your interest in spanking, what ignited the flame?

I'm pretty sure it was of all things old comic books of my Dad's, really old Beano ones where all the naughty kids got spanked or caned at the end. I was far too young to understand it, though, I was about six or seven. My first spanking fantasy was in a dream, involved the cane (hardcore) and my history teacher who I had a massive crush on at the time. I was about 14, maybe a little younger. That was when I realised I had a 'fetish', and began to do some research, and eventually discovered I wasn't a sick twisted pervert. Well, not a lonely one anyway :)

2. About how many hours a day or week do you devote to internet exploration of your kink, and is it secret or do family & friends know about it?

Probably about 3 hours a week, more if I'm researching an essay or something. I like to keep up with blogs and I'm trying to de-lurk a bit more and participate a little more. It's also completely secret among my friends and family, although I've hinted occasionally (usually after a drink, and possibly through my extensive knowledge when we discussed CP). D's friends and housemates pretty much all know, but I don't feel that uncomfortable about it because it's more of a joke among his friends and none of them think I'm strange, and the housemates aren't really friends and so can think what they want. I would never tell my Dad or my Nan, and they're the only family I've got!

3. Have you ever bought or borrowed a spanking video, or joined a pay spanking site, if yes did they measure up to you expectations?

I've never done any of those things, but I'd expect them not to measure up to my expectations. My fantasies can be quite specific and if there was something that didn't turn me on going on I'd be disappointed. Porn can be a bit too much sometimes too, my imagination can do me fine. And I'm skint :)

4. If you are being spanked right now, are your spankings a mixture, mainly erotic or mainly disciplinary? If you aren't being spanked, what interests you most, mixed (some erotic & some disciplinary), erotic or disciplinary spankings?

Mixed, almost completely. It used to be completely erotic, but I've managed to get DD involved a little. We're still really testing the waters and haven't been able to set out rules or anything, but I do think it helps and increases our closeness and trust. I would expect him to spank me for transgressions when we live together, but for us to have fun and experiment with purely erotic spankings.

5. Does domination and submission play any substantive role in your spanking fantasies? If yes is it as or more important than the spanking?

This is quite a hard question, really- I enjoy and am turned on by being submissive to D, and it is definitely part of the intense feelings I get from a spanking, discipline or erotic. I would also be happy to experiment with other forms of d/s, as long as D was, and it was something we both felt completely comfortable with. But submitting to a spanking is, I suppose, the height of my submission- anything else would probably be connected to spanking, if that makes sense. I hope that's a vaguely sensical answer!

Oh, dear, it looks like another cold shower.My friend encouraging meCollapse )

Phew that was a long entry. Sorry...

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[26 Apr 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Further to my post about schoolgirl/teacher fantasy, we were having a bit of a dance in the corridor and my friend put this song on. The lyrics sort of made me smile and seem a little relevant. Although they are really bad. (I insisted it was about me and my seminar tutor ;))

Sting- Don't Stand So Close To MeCollapse )

Which reminds me in how much I cringe at the line 'Just like that old man in/that book by Nabokov' how fantastic the book Lolita is. Perhaps the best book I have ever, ever read with the most gorgeous language and the most perfect anti-hero. Sting should be shot for writing Humbert Humbert off like that. *grumbles and goes back to essay*

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Felt I should explain myself. [26 Apr 2005|04:16pm]
First off, thankyou to anyone commenting or linking to me. I really appreciate it!

Some thoughts on spanking, me and bloggingCollapse )

Right, now I feel better, so I'm going to essay it up.

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[26 Apr 2005|12:53am]
Just replied to the comment of a very (but not that) close schoolfriend as spanking_becky. I am never going to get the hang of this two-journals business. Thankfully, it's deleted now, and I really am going to bed.
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[26 Apr 2005|12:14am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I have just finished an essay from Hell- a stupid, pointless exercise where we're marked mostly on the referencing, to get it to a perfect Harvard standard. We had to include references to certain things, such as a journal, monograph, e-journal. So the writing wasn't that hard, but wrapping your essay around the quotes you've found from frantically searching the net and the horrible little room full of big folders of journals in the library is- and then getting the references so right that if you use a " instead of a ' you'll get marked down- doesn't really seem to be what I was expecting from English Literature. I thought it was about more than such precise silliness. But it's out of the way, and now, my reward: double the amount of seminar prep, ten poems, one epic poem and a play to read. Still, I need a bit of time to relax. And yes, come onto some actual spanking.

I was intriguied to hear that D's friend Dan 'approves' of us. Mainly because the conversation went like this:

D: Dan approves that we're getting married. He said he saw the cane and thought, 'loose morals', but....

ME: Why did he notice the cane?

D:...Er, I don't know.

ME: Well, it isn't something you'd comment on, is it?
D:...er....well, I needed the football, and it was under the bed, so I said, 'Dan, can you pass me my cane??'

I'm not too sure whether I'm comfortable with all D's friends knowing like this, and how flippant he is about it- but I suppose that none of them treat me any differently (although Devout Christian Dan might now), and perhaps it's just a 'spanko' thing to assume that everyone who isn't kinky won't understand and will consider us complete freaks. I'm not about to post it on my door, though.

Having said that, I'm planning to go swimming on wednesday as usual, despite some rather severe bruises which my five-quid swimsuit will not cover. Friday night was rather energetic- I was teasing D a bit, messing around whilst he was trying to do some composing. Whining about being bored and lonely and coming all this way etc. etc. Eventually he realised what I was getting at and bent me over the bed. My knee's still a little dodgy, so it wasn't too comfy, but I could just about support myself, and besides, I needed it.

It was a long, hard handspanking- enough to make me yell out. Usually I can stay quiet through the hand. Then that ominous belt noise- the noise I swear hurts more than the actual belt, and if I wasn't already screaming the house down enough that bloody cane. After twenty or so hard strokes I started to cry- something that I don't usually do when we're playing. We sat and had a talk, he rubbed my bottom a bit, and after a few minutes to settle I quietly asked for a few more. Any other boyfriend would call me crazy, but he gave me about ten more burning strokes I kept quiet through, and then we had some nice, long sex.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, we did our respective studying, watched a couple of DVDs (well, I watched Mulholland Drive on my own, as D claimed it was 'arty' and 'poncey', but still wanted calling over for the lesbian sex scenes), general coupley stuff.

The last night I guess it dawned on him that we wouldn't be seeing each other for just under two weeks- twice as long as usual and settled down to play. This time, worrying that my knee was the problem last time, he lay me face down on the bed. A firm handspanking first, again, but skipping the belt and its awful tinkly noise and straight onto the cane. Although it hurts like a bitch, I'm definitely getting partial to it and as far as I can tell D is too. It was almost pure pleasure this time; that stinging burn when I'm really horny is about enough to get me off just on its own. Great sex; cup of tea and another episode of The Mighty Boosh (not really worth explaining unless you're English, as far as I can tell). Now I've got some pretty impressive bruises and stripes I'll have to treat the student pool occupants to. I suppose I could have fallen down the stairs.

Anyway, it appears that I am going out of Wednesday. I got a lot of 'Oh Becky you never come out it's only cheap you don't have to drink's and then a sinister text message: Bought you a ticket. You can't back out now. This is not going to go down well with D or with my arse- perhaps he'll forget by the weekend after next.

Anyway, I think I have been typing and looking at screens too long (this might account for a bit of a jumbled post, sorry) so I think it's bedtime.

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[21 Apr 2005|01:43am]
[ mood | very sleepy ]

Discovered another cool spanking blog today. Kate's Spanking Blog. I'll link it on the main page as soon as I get round to it. It's nice to read another student spankee blog.

On the subject of being a student, I think it's probably very wrong that in reading a play and doing some notes, I focus two whole sides on ten lines where Corvino tells Celia all the awful things he's going to do to her if she doesn't seduce Volpone- I can find masochism in anything. It seems my tutor's encouraging it though- next essay:

Discuss the dramatic uses of punishment in any play(s) of the period.

Ha! I think I can- the thing with this is, it's going to be quite a simple essay to write on representations of 'baddies' and if they're punished in a way in which society deems just, and brings up that great issue about Edward II getting raped with a red-hot poker. But finding a masochist reading and putting that in will also be easy for me but look very clever. Yes I suppose I've been reading too much.

I might be going to D's this weekend, which would be nice, but then again I might not. It depends on what my Dad's up to. But I'm seriously missing D- not just the spanking, although I guess I need one (or five) but being with him. In 2007 we'll both be living and studying in Herts together, and I can't wait. It'll be a crazy year for work (I'm doing a PGCE to get on Fast Track to teaching, which means lots of work experience, lots of assignments and lots of training) but to get home to D would be wonderful.

OK, OK, this isn't on topic at all so I'll make up for it with a lovely picture stolen from Agony Aunty

I love this picture because the girl's uniform is really similar to my old one!

BTW, if anyone who owns any of these pictures comes across this and wants them taken down for whatever reason, get in touch and I'd be happy to.

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[18 Apr 2005|02:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

Another one for a community. This one's from like2bspanked. All you need to know about me!

+ Name? Becky
+ Age? 19
+ Age you realized you liked to be spanked? Hmmm. I was quite young when I realised spanking turned me on- about 7 or 8! Weirdly enough it was from reading old comics where the kids get spanked and caned. I realised *I* wanted to be spanked at about 14.
+ Have you been spanked before? Yes, frequently now.
+ Are you in a special spanking relationship? Yes. A very special one.
+ Any pointers? Trust trust trust. It's the most important thing in ANY relationship, friend, lover, spanker/spankee.
+ Favorite spanking implement? Probably the cane, but I've not had as much experience in this department as I'd like. I'm a poor student and paddles are FAR too expensive.
+ Least favorite spanking implement? Probably the belt. It always scares me, even though I know it doesn't hurt as much as the cane.
+ Favorite spanking position and why? Standing, leant over a chair. Impersonal, and reminds me of the school scenario which is a big fantasy for me, having gone to a pretty strict English girls' school (not that they used CP in any way, it's very illegal).
+ Least favorite spanking position and why? OTK. I know loads of people love this, but I am about 5 inches taller and two stone heavier than my partner, so it's awkward.
+ Favorite thing to do after spanking? Sex. Or a cup of tea.
+ Favorite outfit to be spanked with? Schoolgirl- but it doesn't happen too much.
+ With or without panties/jeans? Both, in a way- I like it to start over clothes and then for him to pull them down. It's a little humiliating, which adds to the feeling.
+ Favorite role-play/role/fantasy? Schoolgirl/teacher all the way. Or should that be teacher/schoolgirl? A schoolgirl spanking a teacher would be interesting though!
+ Are you always the spankee? Yes. If I so much as *touch* his ass I'm in for it.
+ Any other interesting info? Not really. Except that because we're both students, our, ahem, sexual activity has made us quite famous in his house. I've heard people in the kitchen flinching at particularly hard ones, and his best friend usually says goodbye by telling me to enjoy the belt. It makes me embarrassed as hell, but I think he likes it.

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[17 Apr 2005|10:15pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So on Tuesday, I had a bit of a fall. I was running across the road up from my halls (which is an absolute BITCH to cross, because the road seems to go in all directions and there are about ten islands to hop from, etc. etc.), tripped over the kerb and went flying. I got up, stupidly embarrassed, and after shakily getting safely across the road, realised there was blood running down my leg and into my shoe. I cut my right knee in a few places, pretty deeply and got a nasty scrape on the left one too. After a couple of days it stopped bleeding, but is still very sore to walk on and I can't bend my knee too well without causing myself a lot of pain.

Now the problem with this (except for the fact that it stings like hell and prevents me getting around) is that we are pushed for space in D's room, so my usual positions are face down on the bed or knelt over the bed- both of these mean he has good access to my bottom and we can have sex after quite easily without having to faff about. My bad knee couldn't deal with laying on the bed on my front, and there was no way I was kneeling on it, so we had to be a bit more creative on Friday when he decided it was time I was spanked. I perched over his knee with my feet resting on a chair so my knee wasn't bent too much, and he spanked me with his hand, his belt, and finally the cane.

I was enjoying the hand spanking, but by the time it was over my knee was aching and my bottom hurting more than usual (it's been a little while since I was spanked, after all) and every belt stroke seemed to go straight to my knee. I think D must have sensed this as he went straight onto the cane- it was nice and stingy and I was getting into it a bit more then- but still my stupid knee injury was bothering me too much to really relax. It's always a pain when a spanking doesn't go quite to plan- I think that's the OTK position scrapped (the main reason I don't think this worked is that I'm 5ft 11 and about 11 stone, and he's 5ft7 and 9 stone, apart from the obvious knee problems). Still, we made up for it and had some really good sex after. And then my backside suddenly decided it wanted spanking. Fickle body parts- what can you do?

Anyway, here's one of my favourite pictures by Paula Hardcastle- taken from Spanking Art Blog:

There are also a few great new spanking blogs around, I'm going to link to a few on my profile so take a look!

Somehow I don't think Bob Dylan would approve of this post.....:S

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[17 Apr 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Originally posted this in spanking_fetish but decided, what the hell, I'll put it in here too.

So I went to stay with D for three weeks for the Easter holidays, as I can't live in my university accommodation. We were alone for only about five days, but we had some serious fun. Our easter holiday, a punishment and the cane.Collapse )

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[17 Mar 2005|08:04pm]
Okay, found out that my Dad's coming early tomorrow morning. This means that this is officially my farewell to livejournal for a few weeks.

I WILL be back and I will keep posting, commenting etc. Never ye worry.

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[16 Mar 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Only a few days now until I leave here and set off to stay at D's over the Easter holiday. I've not got a very big room, so I'm constantly amazed at how much shit I can fit into it. And my case is not looking good. I just don't know where I'm going to put it all. Luckily my Dad's agreed to look after the computer, the fridge and maybe a few other bits and pieces but.....GAH. And don't get me started on where the hell I'm going to put that damn cane- I can try and pack it, but it might not fit- I definitely can't ask my Dad to look after it, mostly because then I won't get a chance to use it!- and I can't exactly just carry it about nonchalantly. Especially seeing as we're staying with D's family (D has a big family and every holiday we spend a week or two hotfooting around Chester, Wales and the Wirral seeing them all and staying with them and generally being good family members). Sigh.

Still, after I've lugged this bugger of a case, my guitar, my handbag and probably another bits-and-pieces bag to Sheffield and finally to St Albans, I'll be very happy. Not seeing D last weekend was quite hard and we both went a bit mad- I got cabin fever and stomped around a bit, and then bought no less than twelve pairs of knickers (underwear shopping is my counselling) and he became addicted to Pokemon Colosseum and started dreaming about Radio 5's Dr. Carl. Hopefully we'll be able to get some of the pent-up sex drive and boredom out with a good spanking. Or even (if I'm lucky, and he gets over what I like to pretend is a 'fear') a caning. It does us good sometimes just to have a 'kinky sex' day where I'll dress up a little and we'll role-play a little (not much, seeing as neither of us feel too comfortable doing it and end up giggling) and after a good hard spanking and a good hard shag we'll watch a film, or play a bit of the 'cube or SNES, drink tea and eat chocolate, and then go to bed early with Radio 5 in the background. I panic a lot (currently gnawing my hair in utter desperation as to what to do with all this bloody STUFF) and a nice good spanking calms me down, and does wonders for my usually disrupted and awkward sleep.

Anyway, at some point over the next few days I'm going to disappear! Poof! I will be back, it's just the Easter holiday and I won't have my computer or t'internet. I can check other blogs and sort out my Ebay stuff in the library at D's university, but it'll be a dry monthish as I won't be able to access the spanking sites, blogs and communities I like. So not a good time to start this journal, then really. Anyway, I will be back and hopefully will be able to post some more exciting things, and get this journal going.

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[16 Mar 2005|01:04am]
[ mood | doh! ]

OK, I've had two journals for about an hour and already screwed it up and accidentally added spankingjournal to my other journal's friendslist.....sorted now, but how long before I make a bigger mistake? Oh well, I suppose it would liven up the friendslist a bit.

I'm hoping to keep this going properly, and at some point tomorrow I think I'll do a proper post about spanking and our little version of D/s, but now I think I'd better get some sleep.

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[15 Mar 2005|11:22pm]
If you've found this because you're interested in spanking, please take a look at and join spanking_fetish. It's a growing community with a lot of potential!
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an introduction- of sorts. [15 Mar 2005|10:26pm]
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I suppose this is my first blog where spanking actually comes into things in some way....I have had a livejournal for a long time, but never, ever posted about spanking. Now that it's part of my life, I still can't post about it; simply because I live in Halls of Residence and a girl two doors down has an LJ. She reads mine almost obsessively, which is fine to me; but there is no need for me to tell her, or any of my other friends at university that I'm into spanking. Too much information for them, and the risk that they think I'm a pervert. To be fair, they think that anyway.

So after having a blog of some kind for years, this is a first for me: I have a spanking fetish. My partner and fiance spanks me, and I love it. Sometimes he uses his hand, sometimes the belt, sometimes whatever's handy. It took a while for me to be open about this- almost a year, in fact- but I'm glad I found the words somehow. Although my partner D wasn't interested before, he's now happy to spank me and admits that it's satisfying and arousing somewhere inside. He's even recently got over the idea of hurting me- something which was always a worry for him. I like to be spanked hard sometimes, and it's nice to have marks as a reminder, but when I squirmed away or yelled a little loudly he'd get worried and stop. Finally I sorted this out by just saying, "If I'm squirming to get away and yelling for you to stop, then you're doing it right." His reply: *shaking head* "Women."

So there's my (admittedly lame) introduction. I am 19, living in the North of England, and studying English Literature. Unfortunately my other half lives in the South and so we have a limited amount of time together, but we usually make it every weekend. And usually manage to encorporate a spanking or three into it. He likes to dominate me, although I would not class our relationship as a full-on D/s one. Spanking is the focus of my (and our) fetish. We flirt with DD, but as a rule our relationship isn't a domestic discipline one. It's happened a few times, when I've been bratty or selfish or in some other way really pissed him off, and we both found it helpful to let out steam- but only after a good long chat about why I'd upset him etc. etc.

I think that's about everything- hopefully I will post here regularly about life and spanking, and the posts will be more or less coherent.

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